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    Is there code that monitors your e-behavior in favor of lifestyle?


      To guide you to sleep/eat/exercise when you overwork?

      I'm pretty sure there is, I've dealt with it many times. Resulting in repetitive simple tasks so I would get exhausted and think of my body as something that needs my immediate attention more than the machines.


      The real question is: How often does it happen that human intervention is needed to tell the computers I'm staying up late again / I'm ill / I need to 'unplug' ?

      If so: What do you call a person who monitors online behavior and guides you to places you need to go?

      I often work 36-hour days... The last few hours are a bit of a struggle. But I'm currently still in the position to afford it. And I noticed markers that would tell me before the machines when I'm exhausted.


      For example: If I end up in a flow of changing passwords AND forgetting them almost instantly, the machines already figured out I need to get some rest seriously. So I do brain games in the breaks I take. If I score poorly, I know it's time to go to bed. When I get agitated, I know it's time for a walk etc.

      I just sleep best when it's most needed. And there's plenty of sleep after this life.

      Did reduce my coffee intake to a minimum though, wouldn't wan't to keep myself awake when I cannot produce anything useful; that would result in suffering.


      So how many anonymous lifestyle coaches are there on the internet?

      Make yourself known. I admire the task and it's mutual benefit.

      And how does this work when someone needs a watch for like 48 hours ... Do you take shifts?

      How do you unload? How do you not feel too responsible?


      How do you oppose the forces on the internet that are trying to keep people with poor judgement, so they will randomly buy stuff?


      Does my doctor have connections at Google/Microsoft?


      But it must be said it's easier to provide, than to act on feedback.


      Although I do wonder if this information ever is combined with my medical insurance. That would be a disaster. Luckily at the moment there is no real danger of purposely discriminating against lifestyle in the form of financial loss. Some do make it easy to believe that "Radiohead - Fitter Happier" is actually factually.