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    Business attacked by Google re-seller


      I am extremely aggrieved with a Google re-seller and wish to report him to the highest level. I feel it is immensely disruptive and dangerous to allow re-sellers to be able to attack my data and hold my business hostage.


      My civil claim, as advised by my legal adviser, will be made with the re-seller's own company directly. I also understand he has committed a criminal offence (regarding a breach of data protection, I am seeking further advice on this) by creating an additional licence, called "Suspended Admin", which was done without my knowledge, authority or approval. It was created as a 'super admin' and I can only assume was created to allow him to continue to have access to my account after transfer of the re-seller status back to me, if I had not spotted this 'fraudulent' licence addition (created after my contract and services had been cancelled). What other explanation could there be? Is this also against Google's terms of agreement with re-sellers?


      Interestingly, I have now been blackmailed into paying for services I have not yet been invoiced for. I feel this is a human case of Ransom-ware. I am creating a list of costs and losses with a record of evidence, in support of my civil claim, to raise with the company.


      At the time of writing this post, I am yet to have my account returned to my ownership. There are no payments outstanding, the service and contract have been cancelled months ago and, although I have had licences un-suspended, thank goodness (and removed his access to admin), I risk my billing account being suspended at any time - this could@ shut my business down, again, at any time.


      How should I feel protected and supported by Google? How long should I be expected to stay in this position? Should re-sellers be allowed to continue treating business in this way, surely giving Google and other re-sellers a very bad name.


      The better Google gets, the bigger the risk.


      Many thanks for your comments, help and advice,