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    i have more then 100 users (clients)


      i have more then 100 users (clients) using gmail accounts and all their accounts are being paid my me to google, can those be shifted to my reseller accounts and will I be considered for full fledged reseller..

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          Yes, you can transfer G Suite account to your Google Reseller, but first you should have an active Reseller console if you want to transfer the management of  any G Suite account.


          To  transfer G Suite account you needs a transfer token to associate the account with your reseller. You'll still be the super administrator of the account—the transfer token just lets you add as one of your customers in your Reseller console.


          To get your transfer token:

          1. Go to admin.google.com/TransferToken.
          2. Sign in with your domain’s administrator username and password. (The page automatically generates a token).
          3. ُEnter the token's alphanumeric code in to your Reseller console.

          Once the transfer is completed your transferred account becomes a new subscription, The new subscription is an Annual Plan, and renews in one year. The effects of the transfer depend on your previous commitment to G Suite. For more information, see Billing for transferred customers



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