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    Conducting a security vendor assessment questionnaire




      My organization is using the G Suite and has established a Data Security team that is looking at all aspects of data security.  In addition to the security of our own internal systems and databases, we have to be concerned with any vendor who handles, stores or processes sensitive data on our behalf.  A data breach at one of our vendors could have a significant impact on the organization.  Effective immediately any vendor that manages my organization's data will be required to fill out a cybersecurity checklist which is an editable PDF form.  This cybersecurity checklist will be used to gauge vendors’ level of data security and any areas that need to be addressed. We may refuse to do business with any vendor that does not meet our standards.

      This new policy will be implemented in stages.  Effective immediately, all new or renewing contracts will not be approved until the vendor completes the checklist and it is evaluated and approved by data security team.  Is there someone at the security or G Suite team that can provide the relevant information for this questionnaire?

      Thank you,