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    K-12 Login Challenge


      The Login Challenge process needs to be changed for K-12 EDU users. It is currently -"How does the Login Challenge work for K-12 EDU (Kindergarten - 12th grade) users?  K-12 EDU users may be asked to enter their usual login location when a suspicious login is detected. Administrators can temporarily disable the login challenge if the user is unable to verify by login location." For a school district, the location is usually obvious from the email address itself or can easily be looked up on the web. This is not security. There is a post asking for the security for an educational entity to be able to be managed. At the very least, we need the challenge question to be something other than location. It would seem fairly simple to set a code or a word that would be the answer for all users in that district. Please change this as our users are not protected in any way by this current login challenge.