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    Reseller Program - Credit Check Status


      Hi Rana,

      We have successfully registered at least 100 end user licenses and completed the application process on December 5th 2015, filled application form for credit check, but till date we haven't received any response from Google. Please let us know what documents are required from our end to expedite the process.


      We applied for the reseller program for Google Apps for Work since December 5th 2015, under the accountadrian@fyxxentertainment.com. It seems we got stuck with the last step, business credit check, without any response. Although we got confirmation from Google that Google will initiate a credit check process, but after that we haven't received any response.


      We asked Google support many times, but it seems no one can help us, as Google organization is too big. We really have no idea what we should do next to get it done.


      Need your immedate intervention here.


      You can reach me at gabriel@fyxxent.com


      Thank you.