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    Explanation request regarding to payments - urgent

      Hello to the Team,



      I'm very sorry for coming late but I've very hectic and busy because of the business growth management that is becoming a headache.


      To understand my request please check the emails I sent to collections-row@google.com on Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 3:43 PM:

      Note that R= Ramalho and G= Google





      Hi all,





      I received a call from you with +48 12 681 52 29 talking about invoice and now I logged in the Reseller Console where I saw the attached invoice with too much amount to pay, while each account pays with each credit card and according to the amount per user is $5/ month. In fact many things are strange or is my misunderstanding, for example: the account celebproducoes.co.mz I activated on Aug 17 and as known an account has 1 month free and should start billing from Sept 18 and the amount must be 17x$5=$85.

      The accounts below pay with their credit card you can check on their history.










      The only accounts I'm sure to pay are webcaddesign.com, szkmz.com and celebproducoes.co.mz.



      However, could you please help to explain and how we can sort out this issue?





      Any question, don't hesitate to contact me.





      Warm regards.









      G: "



      Hi Ramalho,



      Thank you for your email. In order for us to find the right team to assist you, can you please provide the information below:



      Bill to Customer Name:

      Customer ID/ Billing ID Number:

      Google Product:

      copy of an old or recent invoice related to your request(if available)










      Christian Adrian Sison

      Christian Adrian Sison | Alignment and Customer Experience


      |c.sison@google.com |

      Reporting to: Donno Paolo Gonzalez Collections Team Manager ( donnopaolo@google.com )

      Google, Inc.

      Please give us your feedback! How satisfied are you with this support interaction?







      Hi Christian,





      Many thanks for your e-mail. I'm very sorry for delay but is not easy to be given user and password to logon in my clients accounts because I told them that wouldn't ask again.

      Anyway, find attached invoices of some that accepted my request and below the ID's.



      Received from Google Billing <billing-noreply@google.com>





      Invoice number: 7065335755213738-1

      Name: WEBCAD, LDA

      Billing ID: 713782218990



      Número da fatura: 3047555198074768-13

      Nome: Ordem dos Advogados de Moçambique

      ID do faturamento: 489064665035





      Nome: ACS - Advocacia, Consultoria e Serviços LDA

      ID de Faturação*: 7279-8423-2705





      Número da fatura: 8055928039270805-1

      Nome: Mozambique General Logistics

      ID do faturamento: 3491020336





      Número da fatura: 4655578591984763-3

      Nome: MozCrédito Crédito na hora certa

      ID do faturamento: 45861625953





      Número da fatura: 322101185376201-1

      Nome: Wal, Sociedade de Advogados

      ID do faturamento: 988088729564





      However, you don't imagine the time I lost because of you request. Please, I took much time to be allowed and pass to be accepted as reseller, reason why I'm not in this business to deceive you.



      Please once again, sort it out them let me know.





      Warm regards







      Dear Ramalho,

      I called you 4 days ago.



      Unfortunately  Collections Department have no access to invoices or customer accounts.

      For billing/technical queries, you should contact support teams by creating a support case from the 'Support' tab of your Administrative Control Panel at google.com/a/domain.com, replacing <domain.com> with your actual domain name.





      Thank you in advance,








      Unfortunately is difficult to attach files but please I need your help regarding this issue and registered a new client(weditora.com) but out of the reseller console because I'm doubtful and scared. The client of weditora.com had a invoice while didn't use the the paid service only tested until 30 days after that stopped. In fact is strange and I convinced my client to pay and did but untill now I don't understand anything.

      Why do you send invoice to suspended account?

      Seriously this month I had planed to start with campaign but I'm afraid.

      Please let me know what's wrong and make it clear for me to understand.

      I'm looking forward to hearing from you ASAP.