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    Topics for upcoming Change Management Blogs?


      Hey all,


      As I prepare the content schedule for Q4 I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions of topics that you'd like to see covered here? Would you be interested in hearing from customers? Partners?


      I want to make sure this content is as useful and relevant to you all as possible.


      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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          Hi Kim


          here are a few topics i would find very interesting. Some of them were already been discussed in the past, but some refreshing would be great


          • Change management at smaller customers:
            • For smaller customers, there is often no money foreseen for change management, how could we convince them to reserve a budget for it
            • what is the difference in change mgmt for smaller & larger customers
          • Change management facts
            • do you have some facts & numbers concerning change management at google apps projects? i often see the numbers for change mgmt in general, but it should be interesting to see this specific for GAfW
          • Use case
            • i often see use cases for specific topics (f.e. Google + roll out). It would be interesting to have an update on how you can tackle change management when you deploy Gmail, calendar, Drive, etc at once.
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              Thanks Kristof Stevens for your response - some great ideas here which I will be sure to incorporate into the plans.


              Re the 'Change Management Facts' question - we don't have any formal statistics from across all our Google Apps Customers about their change projects, however I am currently working with an external agency to help us capture some of this data as I agree it would be super insightful. We may well reach out to this community of Google Apps Admins to get some insights to help with the research - so keep an eye out for that. And of course I will be sure to share the research report with this community once it's been published (likely Q1, 2016)


              In the meantime a quick answer to the question about use cases for Gmail, Calendar, Drive etc - don't forget to check out the following resources:

              Transformation Gallery - you can search for use cases by product, as well as industry and business function

              Learning Centre -  end user learning centre which contains training and use cases on all the products, as well as use cases by job role.


              Hope the above helps a bit. Thanks again for your comments!



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                  Thanks, Kim and Kristof, for reminding me of the use cases for assisting in user adoption. I am happy to see the "apps in action" section here! What a great way to share ideas among users. I would like to request additional industries added to the list besides retail, media, manufacturing and healthcare. Perhaps non-profit, education, research/pharmaceutical could be added? It's possible the use cases exist on a separate site, but maybe they could be consolidated here.


                  Other ideas for posts could be more about successfully driving organizational culture change, or helping users choose the right tool/service  in a world where there are too many technology choices?

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                      what is hot in change management? in my environment it´s focussing around

                      what is the financial benefit of collaborating smarter and more efficient.

                      I have my ideas and want to see what others think about that.


                      can we discuss what are the core elements of transformational change? is it

                      training (no!) what is it then?


                      does that help?




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