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    No response from reseller application program


      Dear sir/madam


      We applied for reseller program for Google Apps for Work since May 2015, under the account admin@gafw.ajpit.co.th. It seems we got stuck with the last step, business credit check, for nearly three months without any response (as shown in an attached file). We asked Google support many times, but it seems no one can help us, as Google organization is too big. We really have no idea what we should do next to get it done.


      BTW, we believe we are still in the criteria of 25 licenses of Google Apps for Work selling program. This is because we are qualified to proceed the application since May 2015.


      Please kindly help on this issue. We are facing the difficulty to sell Google Apps product to our customers, as we haven't been recognized as Google Reseller partner yet.


      Thank you very much for your help.



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          Hi Varanyu,


          Thanks for posting!


          I have verified our records and I found out that our team sent you an email (to the email you provided for your application process) requesting all the documentation needed to proceed with credit check.


          The last email was sent on June 12, requesting the documents.

          Once you have the documentation requested you can reply to the email our team has sent and we will be able to proceed with your application process.





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