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    Need help - Still can't figure out this application form


      Still not fully understanding.   I got an email reply from someone at google but here is my reply to that.


      1.    "  You need to apply to Google Apps for Work as a reseller, and

      you'll get an account along with your reseller tools. "


      I am unable to apply as I need to input 25 customers in the application

      which I don't have yet.


      2. I have an account I use currently for my own google apps kosmayer.com I

      tried viewing inside this account where to create new accounts for other

      domains and couldn't find it so I assume I am in the wrong place.


      3. " Once the accounts are fully set up, you will request a PIN found in

      the *Support *area of the Admin console and you'll validate it in your

      reseller tools. "


      - Where do I fully set them up ?


      I have myself 16 year online business owner and a developer who's

      implemented many API's trying to figure this out we both find it VERY

      confusing and are so far unable to.


      Hope you can help