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    how to be a partner of Google of work


      hello :


      I am interested in being a Partner of Google apps , how can I start?


      Thanks in advance,

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          Hi Maria,


          This is a good place to start:




          Magdalena Medico should be able to provide more information should you need any additional information.





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            Hello María Jesús,


            Thank you for posting your question here. I understand you would like to find more information on how to become a Partner. The Applicants section, as Mary pointed out, is the best place to go. However, I will sum up the basic steps of how to become a Partner:


            1. Start your application here: Reseller Application
              • Use a paid Google Apps for Work account in order to sign in. Afterwards, enter a registered domain (where you will want your reseller console to be, to manage your customers).
            2. Complete Step 2: 25 user deployment**
              • In order to complete this step you will have to enter the PIN numbers of brand new customers into the application. The customers can not be resolds, old deployments from other applications, trial accounts or free accounts.
              • Please note that this step will change on August 1st 2015, and the number of deployments required will be 100 brand new licenses.
            3. Pass a Credit Check


            For further questions on this matter, you can go to the different sections of the Applicants section, where you will find detailed information.


            I hope you find this information useful.


            Thank you for your interest in the Partner Program!



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