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    Google for Work Reseller Application - question about first 25 licenses


      Background: Our company, World Wide Web Hosting, is considering becoming a Google for work reseller in order to sell Google products to our customer base (we have quite a large customer base buying web hosting from us).


      I wanted some clarification regarding the following:


      You say that in order to qualify for the authorized partner program, we must sell and deploy a minimum of 25 paid end-user accounts for a single business or in total across multiple businesses.


      (a) How does Google tie back the accounts or end users back to us?

      (b) How do we know when one of our customers hits that 25 level? We don't have access to their account, do we?

      (c) We currently use Google apps on wwwh.com which is our corporate domain. We have some 130+ accounts under this domain. Does this mean we already qualify as we have 130+ accounts under our Google apps domain already?

      (d) When you say "25 paid end-user accounts for a single business" - do you mean 25 Google apps users on a single domain (like we have 130+ users on our corporate domain). In other words - how do you define end-user account? And by a business you mean one corporate domain correct?


      Sorry for all the questions.