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    iPhone losing device policies: iOS sync MDM


      Hi Team,


      I have a customer using iOS sync in the Admin Console to enforce policies and is using Gmail app on his iPhone. Every 3 days the device will lose the polices, when he opens the Gmail app he gets ‘Device Policy Alert’ message and the sync for his Google Apps account is turned off.

      He removed the email profile from the Gmail app and deleted device from the Admin Console. He then re-added the account on the Gmail app and approved the device from the Admin Console. But after few days he got the error again.


      Device: iPhone 5C, OS version: iOS 7.1.2 The Apple certificate is valid.

      He tried on a different iOS version and did not get any error. He doesn’t want to update his device due to personal reasons and MDM requires iOS version 7 or higher.

      Are there any logs that we can ask for ?

      Any suggestions ?

      Thank you