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    My credit check still in analises


      Hi, I received the message bellow, saying:


      "The credit team told me that your company does not have an enough credit history, that is your company is doing business for less than a year. Please seethis page and check the point 2 in Credit Checks."


      So, I know that. But my company stands for commercialize and to provide support on Google Apps For Work and its related products, as well.


      How can I start my company's trajectory as a Google Partner in my region, once I've already completed the task to commercialize the 25 first licenses? I believe that my company has the potencial to help in the growing of adhesion on use of this fascinating platform in my region.


      I didn't know that my company should have more than one year of credit history. I was surprised with this information, because I was focused in the last 4 months to reach the 25th licenses firstly. Then, once completed this task I have started my business accordingly rules of the program.


      So, please give me only one opportunity.


      Thank you,

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          Thanks for your post.


          Upon further investigation with the Credit Team, we can offer the option of proceeding with a security deposit to secure the credit line if we're unable to get a credit report or rating on the business. If you are interested in this option, we will re-open your case and continue privately.





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