Growing Your Business as a Google Cloud Partner

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    Opportunities To Sell Your Services


    More than 5,000 new businesses sign up every day with G Suite.  They are looking to you for guidance on purchasing, implementing, adopting, and extending this technology. This creates opportunities for you to sell a broad range of services on which you can build your business.


    How Should You Price Your Services?

    The price of your services can vary widely, depending your specific situation.  It is important to base your prices on the value your customer gets, not the actual cost of your service. Many partners bundle G Suite with other services and products and charge a monthly fee. Many services can be billed at a daily or hourly rate. You can also look at examples of the pricing of solutions offered by other Google partners in the Google Solutions Marketplace.


    Services You Can Sell

    Helping Your Customers Test and Deploy G Suite

    G Suite is designed to be easy to set up.  However, many small businesses do not have an experienced admin or IT specialist like you who has the expertise to plan, configure, deploy, and integrate Google G Suite.  For these businesses, outsourcing these tasks to an experienced solution provider is a smart business decision.


    A well executed G Suite proof-of-concept or deployment is a great way to build credibility for an ongoing business relationship with your customer.

    Example Services

    • Pilots & proof of concepts (also called solution validation)
    • G Suite domain creation
    • MX record configuration
    • User provisioning & setup
    • Initial administrative setup


    Some other services and packages you can offer:

    • Domain account setup
      • DNS records management

      • Control panel settings

      • User & groups management

      • G Suite Directory Sync

    • Data migration

      • Mail: IMAP (server-pull) & user-based tools

      • Contacts & Calendar: admin & user-based tools, including 3rd party

      • Docs: user-based docs import, 3rd party tools

    • Dual-delivery & split-delivery mail routing

    • Mobile & desktop client access and synchronization
      • Various options for Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android

    • Calendar coexistence with MS Exchange


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    Providing End-User "Help Desk" Services to Your Customers

    Google provides "high-touch" support for Administrators of G Suite, but does not offer the same level of support for end users. You can fill a business need for in-person support that Google does not address. You can help your customer's end-users use the features of G Suite to their fullest and get them the help they need quickly.  This is recurring revenue for you!

    Example Services

    • On-site help desk services
    • Business-hours live end user phone support
    • 24/7 live end user phone support
    • Online email/chat end user support




    Google G Suite Administration Services You Can Sell

    You can set up, manage and administer G Suite without you ever having to set foot in your customer's place of business! You won't have to bill for travel and expenses when doing ongoing administrative work for your customers. In this way, you can make yourself more price-competitive. If your customer has a special request, you can build custom functionality on G Suite using Google G Suite Script and the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

    Example Services

    • User directory integration
    • User management
    • Client service-usage & activity reporting
    • Mailing list creation & administration


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    Selling Training for Your Customer's End-users

    Sometimes your customers will be transitioning to G Suite from a different system, and the majority of their end-users will need training. 

    Providing end-user training is a great way for you to add value to your customers as part of your deployment-related services. It's important for you to make sure your customers understand that end-user training will make for a smooth transition and enable users to become fully productive. Google has a number of resources available that you can package and provide to end users, or which you can deliver yourself!

    Businesses who are unfamiliar with G Suite, and unsure about the transition or uncertain about how well they will be accepted by users, may be especially receptive to these services. You can close more business, while providing an additional value-adding service to your customers.

    Example Services

    • Pre-launch end-user training
    • Post-launch advanced skills training
    • General on-site or remote training courses
    • Use-case specific learning videos



    Selling Ongoing Consulting & Update Guidance Services

    Because G Suite releases new services and feature updates continuously, your customers get access to continuous innovations. However, this can present a challenge for end users who are not used to learning new features quickly.  For these customers, there's an opportunity to provide ongoing training and consulting services to help users make the best use of the new capabilities.

    Questions that you can help your customer answer might include:

    • "What are the benefits of this service Google just added?"
    • "What updates has Google made recently, and will they impact my users?"
    • "What do I need to communicate to my users, and what would just distract them?"
    • "Am I using this service to its full potential for my business?"


    Example Services

    • Evaluation of business needs and processes
    • Monthly meetings with your customer's Google G Suite Administrator summarizing relevant updates
    • Webinars with end-users to explain specific updates and how to best use them
    • Monthly "What's new with G Suite?" training for end-users, customized to their unique business needs




    Selling Advanced System Integration and Deployment Services

    Often your customers will have business-critical needs for integrating G Suite with other IT systems. For example, you can use Google G Suite APIs to help your customers:

    • Integrate their user-directory and single sign-on system with G Suite. 
    • Migrate end-users existing email, calendar, and contact data to G Suite.

    In addition, a growing number of 3rd party products enable off the shelf software that integrates with G Suite for accomplishing a wide variety of work processes. You can find some of these 3rd party products in the Google G Suite Marketplace.

    Example Services

    • Email, Document, Spreadsheet, & Calendar migration services
    • Custom or off the shelf single sign-on solutions, including LDAP and Active Directory integration
    • Email gateway integration & advanced mail routing
    • Customized reporting dashboards




    Development and customization for G Suite

    Off-the-shelf products and services settings do not meet the needs of all organizations.  There is an opportunity to help your customers understand what their options are in the areas of customization, as well as an opportunity to provide new products from built from the ground up for the G Suite environment.

    Example Services

    • Development of tools and applications to integrate with G Suite - these can be built with Google Cloud Platform
    • Domain-specific URL integration
    • Customized logos
    • Product integrations, like those done by or Successfactors.


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    A Note About Succeeding as a Google Partner


    To be successful, you should be able to represent the Google brand. Google is always near the top of Fortune magazine's "Most Respected Brands."  When you represent the Google brand, you reap the benefit of being associated with a world-class company. Never get a speck of dust on the Google brand.