Integration Guide & Resources

Version 6


    Integration Step



    Business Development

    Start Here:

    Step 1

    Review deck

    GCI - Partner Service Provider Briefing

    Provides overall view of Google various Interconnect products and how GCI-Partner fits into the portfolio.  It also outlines how the integration will take place.

    Architecture Evaluation

    Step 2

    Fill out calibration doc and send into Google

    GCI-Partner Calibration Document (pdf)

    GCI-Partner Calibration Document (doc)

    Checklist of the requirements necessary for the integration

    GCI-Partner Metadata Validation

    Description on partner Metadata Validation

    GCI-Partner FAQ

    A list of frequently asked technical integration questions



    Step 3

    Create release plan

    GCI - Partner Project Plan

    Template used to track partner integration effort

    Step 4

    Setup project and order LoA

    GCI-Partner Project Setup and Ordering LoA

    Instructions on how to setup your project and order your LoAs

    GCI - Partner How to get support from Google

    Instructions on how to get support from Google during integration

    Integration &


    Step 5

    Implement API and CLI into service provider operations

    GCI - Partner API and CLI Guide for Partners

    Details on the API and CLI from the partner perspective as it related to provisioning

    GCI - Partner API and CLI Guide for Users

    Details on the CLI from the customer perspective as it relates to order a GCI-Partner connection through a service provider

    Step 6 

    Review Support Troubleshooting Playbook

    GCI - Partner Support Playbook

    Playbook for partners when encountering customer issues.

    End Here:

    Step 7

    Test and report results to Google

    GCI - Partner Test Plan

    Test plans for partners to execute on a per location basis.