Initial Deployment FAQs

Version 8

    Why do we need to register our initial G Suite deployments?


    Registering deployments with Google is a necessary step to the Google Cloud Partner Program applicant process. It is only relevant to organizations who are interested in reselling and officially enrolling as a new Google Cloud Authorized Partner.  Fully authorized resellers are NOT required to continue to register their deployments or customers.


    We require this is to assure that you've demonstrated some level of expertise in working with our product.  Specifically we want to be sure that you've been able to use the material on this site to acquire and fully deploy some G Suite customers. This will not only help us to determine who is good fit for the program, but it will also help you to get a sense for what the G Suite business is about - from marketing, sales, deployment, and support prospectives.


    Note: The minimum number of licenses you need to register changed to 100 on August 1, 2015 (FAQ).



    Where do we register our initial deployments?


    As part of the applicant process you must register your initial deployments in Step 2 of the applicant process. You will need your customer's G Suite account domain name and the customer PIN.



    Can we register existing G Suite customers already deployed as our initial deployments?


    Yes.  Pre-existing deployments can certainly be used for this initial deployment registration as long as they are not customers of another Google Apps for Work reseller.


    They will need to be G Suite accounts and you'll need both the domain name and the Customer PIN from the account.  You (or the customer) can find the customer PIN in the account's control panel as detailed here. (G Suite for Gov, EDU and Non-Profit accounts are not accepted.)


    Can we register our own company's account as one of our initial deployments?


    No. Registering your own company as an initial deployment is not possible.



    Can we register multiple smaller customer deployments to reach at least 100 users?


    You can deploy any combination of customers to reach the combined minimum of 100 G Suite users.  This can be a handful of smaller customers or one larger customer as long as you reach 100 users.



    Which G Suite editions can we register and count as our initial deployments?

    Initial deployments must be G Suite accounts. G Suite Standard Edition, Education Edition, Non-profit Edition or Government Edition do not count. The reseller program is specifically for reselling G Suite so it makes sense that the applicant process requires you to work with G Suite.


    You may of course still offer services to customers using any edition of G Suite but the reseller applicant process centers around G Suite.


    Can we get our reseller discount on our initial deployments?

    Once you complete all 3 steps of the applicant process and pass credit check you will be provided access to your reseller tools for customer provisioning, management, and support. You will start receiving your reseller margin upon transferring them into your reseller console.



    Why does the number of users on our initial deployment registration form not match the number of users in the deployed G Suite account(s)?


    The number of users is checked at the time you register the deployed domain in the initial deployment registration form. If you later add users to the account, they won't

    automatically be reflected. You'll need to re-enter the domain in the form and re-submit. After doing so, the number of users will be refreshed to reflect the accurate number.



    Can we bypass the 30-day free trial for our initial deployed customers?

    While you are registering initial deployments during the reseller applicant process, customers are purchasing online and they cannot currently bypass this 30-day trial period.


    Once you become an authorized reseller you will NOT have to offer a trial to your customers.  We are also working on better trial options to improve your ability to sell.



    We registered a customer deployment,... are we authorized to resell G Suite now?


    No, not yet. Registering your 100 end customer user licenses will NOT immediately authorize you to resell G Suite because we still need to run a credit check on your company based on the information you submit in Step 3 of the process.