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    This introduction video goes over the basics of the program

    Read more details about the G Suite Referral Program in the Program Guide and learn the 5 tips that help will help you make successful referrals

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    Use these referral tool resources to help you refer G Suite and get rewarded

    Share your unique referral link: Post your referral link across your social networks, website, and email signature. Let others know about G Suite and make it easy for them to sign up. Don't forget to share your promo code! This way they can guarantee their 20% discount their first year.




    Get Trained

    To refer like a pro you should train like a pro.

    Go through our G Suite product links to maximize your product knowledge and learn how your referred customer can get the most out of G Suite for their business.










    Get Paid

    Get ready for more than a “Thank you!”

    Once your referred customer has been a paid G Suite customer for more than 120 days you’ll get more than that nice feeling for having helped a friend: you’re getting paid!

    You should expect an email asking for your bank details to begin the payment process. For more details read the payment & promotion code FAQs.

    Happy Sharing!