PS Website Design - Success Story

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    Digital agency ‘wows’ clients thanks to G Suite Referral Programme



    PS Website Design provides digital services to small and medium sized businesses across a range of industries. Established in 2009, the Yorkshire-based agency specialises in web design, digital marketing and online branding.

    A key part of our service

    Joining the G Suite Referral Programme was an easy decision for Founder Simon Middleton to make. “We’d been promoting G Suite for a long time before we joined the programme, so it just made sense,” he says.

    “It’s a key part of the service we offer to clients. Whatever stage they are at, G Suite is always part of the package.”

    G Suite enables PS Website Design to provide clients with a quick, yet reliable solution to improve their business processes. Something which Simon sees as a big selling point for the company. “We always get positive feedback. Ease of set-up and reliability is important for us and our clients,” he says.

    It all starts with Gmail

    Simon uses Gmail as the entry point to introduce the benefits of G Suite to his clients, mainly due to the reliability it can offer over other solutions. “Our clients can’t live without email, so Gmail is always the first step,” he says. “They see how reliable it is and how simple it is to use. Then they discover the other services, like Docs and Sheets, and are wowed.” From the agency perspective, offering G Suite to clients has helped to simplify the email migration and configuration processes, and thanks to G Suite’s reliability, Simon and his clients are no longer exposed to unexpected email downtime. “We want something we can 100% rely on, and G Suite gives us that.”

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