Martin Mann - Success Story

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    IT consultant strengthens relationship with clients through G Suite Referral Programme



    IT consultant Martin Mann supports start-ups and small businesses with all of their digital needs. Because many of his clients are starting out on their own after making the decision to launch their own business, he offers an “essential start-up package”, which includes help ranging from advice on setting up email and calendars over coffee, to support with hardware, billing solutions and online storage.

    The easy solution

    As a big fan of G Suite, Martin recommends it to most of his clients looking to set up or improve their business processes.

    “My clients love G Suite because it’s so easy to use. They enjoy the fact that they can support themselves — they don’t need to be on the phone every five minutes,”

    says Martin. “And because it works on so many devices, I don’t need to worry about what the client is using. It’s just so much easier to set up.”

    Strengthening client relationships

    Martin joined the G Suite Referral Programme to strengthen his offer to clients. By using referral discount codes, he is able to provide additional cost savings, which helps to create a stronger bond with clients going forward. “With start-ups, G Suite is the first thing I talk about. I listen to their problems, like emails not syncing across devices, and say: I’ve got a solution for that,” says Martin. “For people with remote offices, G Suite is an absolute must. Google Drive makes collaboration so much easier than other solutions.”

    Valued support

    One of the biggest benefits for Martin is the additional support he receives from Google, which enables him to quickly respond to any unexpected issues his clients may experience. “Google are always there on the phone. Whether you’re a month or year into the programme, you can phone up and Google help to fix it,” he says.

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