[MOBILE]: Guide to Create New Opportunities within the Referral Programme

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    Guide to Create New Opportunities within the Referral Programme

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    We want to help you generate more referral opportunities so that you can earn more rewards. Learn from some of our most successful members who have shared their helpful tips.

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    Boost your success rate

    Understanding your referral’s pain points will make your recommendation more relevant

    Some of the most successful programme participants shared the questions that they ask potential customers to identify and understand the areas where G Suite can benefit them and their company.

    'Have you considered the benefits, or would your business change, if your email address was @mycompany.com?'

    'Knowing the potential client’s needs, as well as using the G Suite tools, will give you an idea of how the platform can meet their expectations.'

    H. Esguerra

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    Let their success speak for you

    Share real examples with your prospects

    Show your referral how G Suite works for businesses, so that they can imagine how the tools will meet their own needs.

    'I know companies that work with other types of solutions and they have a long way to go from achieving the level of effectiveness and simplicity of G Suite, [which] strives to make the user interfaces friendly and intuitive.'

    'I have advised clients who improved their work process and became more efficient with G Suite's tools.'

    J. Andrade

    'G Suite offers a complete package, and is easy to use, so that those who know how to use it love it and do not want to change.'

    D. Aguillar

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    Discover how to generate new opportunities

    Understanding G Suite applications is key

    Learn more about G Suite to show your potential customers the great benefits that they will experience.

    'Customers realise that all spendings on G Suite is offset by the ease of using the tool.'

    W. de Oliveira

    'I always do a demo of how the G Suite platform works, starting with my email. I access, create and share documents. I show them how I work with my team in different locations and all in real time'

    J. E. Cota

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    Identify your next potential client

    The most successful participants in the programme shared how they identify opportunities and successfully convert them into referrals.

    Follow their advice today!

    'If we see that the client has communication issues, we suggest using Hangouts, Calendar and Hangout Meets and this changes their life!'

    'Many companies do not have servers, do not use the cloud, do not have version control and rely heavily on the computer. This can cause a business serious losses, which G Suite can avoid.'

    E. Stumpf

    'I spread the word among all my circles. If you already know the tools and their potential, [it] will be very easy for you to find referrals.'


    J. O. Cota

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    Get local support, 24 hours, 7 days a week

    Your referrals trust you when choosing G Suite, which is why we guarantee the best service, with our support 24 hours a day. You can be sure that we’ll cover their needs in their own language and time zone.

    You can call or write to our team, who have answers and solutions for your concerns.

    'I have contacted the support team several times and they always provide very good service. It's like we're talking to someone we've known for years, and they make everything seem easy to solve, even when the problem is serious.'

    'Before they even have problems, customers feel safe because they know Google will support them.'

    E. Stumpf