Thought Leadership

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    Thought Leadership

    Learn how industry leaders are applying G Suite and best practices in their workplace.




    3 Leadership Skills Critical for Change

    Improving the culture of a company or team requires focus

    Google Discovered These 3 Factors Make a 38 Percent Difference in Team Performance

    Why the best team players beat all-stars.

    Eliminate Paper and increase producitvity

    How Google Drive can help you eliminate paper from work and life


    Make time: Why we spend our most productive time on the wrong things (Google Cloud Next '17)

    Time management is hard, and most of us struggle. We procrastinate; we overcommit; we underestimate how long things take; we spend too much time in meetings, and crucially we don’t spend enough time on our health, relationships, or ‘real work’. Somehow, some people seem to manage much better than others!





    The Eight Pillars of Innovation

    Eight guiding principles behind our culture of innovation


    Your journey to the cloud

    Making change easy with G Suite


    The total economic impact of G Suite

    An analysis of cloud to cloud migration


    No laptop, no problem

    CEO's tips to turn any space into a mobile office


    Creating a Culture of Innovation

    Eight ideas that work at Google


    4 ways sales teams can work faster and smarter

    How you can work smarter by streamlining processes