Powertools for Google Drive : Transform your document management with the power of Organization

Version 8

    Powertools for Google Drive is an easy to use and deploy enterprise document management solution, fully integrated with Google Drive. Powertools for Google Drive was created and continually enhanced by Designed4Work, a Google ISV focused on empowering business users of Google G Suite.



    This year, Google named Powertools for Google Drive as one of the first solutions in the new Recommended for Google G Suite program.


    Full user adoption at Zodiac Pool Systems Inc., managing key digital assets with ease

    Zodiac Pool Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer of differentiated pool and spa products. They produce thousands of digitals assets to manage their product catalogs and reseller network. Zodiac deployed Powertools for Google Drive to manage all their digital assets. Here is what Joseph Bejjani, Group CIO, says about the deployment: "At Zodiac we have a large amount of product-related digital information that is scattered across many systems making it a challenge to manage, retrieve and share this information throughout our organization. Powertools enables us to regain control over our key digital assets and to easily build and share a branded digital library. The ease of use of Powertools and tight integration with Google Drive drove rapid user adoption across the organization."


    Jardiland eases employee learning with Powertools

    Jardiland, a leading European big-box garden supplies chain, was looking for a solution to ease the information workflow among employees. Jardiland successfully deployed Powertools as explained by Patrick Barrabé, Project Manager at Jardiland: "Powertools has improved the synergy between our stores and corporate office by enhancing how we share and access information. We used to struggle to relay messages in a format that was easily accessible by employees. Now, by adding structure to Google Drive using Powertools, information is flowing much better and our teams are more efficient. Deploying Powertools has led to a boost in productivity and employee learning."


    4 Productivity boosts for teams using Google Drive

    Powertools has been adopted by thousands of G Suite users like Zodiac Pool Systems and Jardiland, who have already managed millions of documents and who have identified four significant productivity benefits:

    1. Enhances and adds structure to Google Drive. Powertools transforms Google Drive into an enterprise-capable storage solution by adding document management features such as workflows, metadata, tags, and versioning to corporate documents -- all from within Google Drive.
    2. Puts business users in the control. Powertools enables non-technical users to drive the entire document management and collaboration process -- eliminating the need for IT implementation and support.
    3. Expands Google Drive capabilities. Powertools delivers company-wide access to key assets through customized (and, optionally, branded) content portals linked to Google Drive; seamless integration with MS Office enables users to open, edit, save and share MS Office documents without the need to download, upload, or convert them.
    4. Supports in-house security and workflow procedures. Reinforces document security with detailed reporting, providing business managers an overview of user activity and content sharing; encourages adherence to company validation processes through mandatory workflows.


    Powertools for Google Drive is Recommended for G Suite by Google and has been reviewed for Security and Integration best practices. For more information on these use-cases, contact the team here for questions or inquiries.


    For more information on these use-cases, contact the team for questions or inquiries.


    About the author: Denis Lafont-Trevisan is VP Growth & Marketing of Designed4Work, creator of Powertools for Google Drive. Denis is a long time veteran of the Enterprise Software & Venture Capital world.