AODocs: Full enterprise control for Google Drive customers

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    AODocs was the first enterprise document management solution fully integrated with Google Apps. We were founded in 2011 and since then, we have grown to serve over 400 customers and 1.3 million users. We’ve found that our enterprise customers have valued the level of control AODocs places on top of Google Drive, letting their employees access important documents anytime, anywhere, on any device without concern.


    “Sharepoint was perceived as a regression”

    Euralis is an agricultural company that has more than 5,000 employees and brings together 12,000 farmers with their strong focus on high quality products. Their industry is governed by regulations and quality processes that require a strong document management infrastructure, which Euralis had initially implemented on IBM Lotus QuickPlace.


    In 2013, Euralis decided to migrate their documents to the cloud and in preparation, they evaluated multiple solutions, including Microsoft Sharepoint and Google Apps for Work with AODocs (one of the first “Recommended for Google Apps for Work” applications).


    Euralis’ decision to select Google Apps and AODocs was clear: “SharePoint was perceived as a regression, it looked like a simple file system in a browser," said Ignacio Eceiza, NICT manager. "With Google and AODocs, we found not only all the features we used to have in Lotus QuickPlace, but also new ones like customizable views. AODocs also came with a ready to use Lotus QuickPlace connector, making the migration easy."


    AODocs and Drive, perfect fit for quality and regulatory compliance

    The migration project started in 2014, with multiple document libraries used in particular for HR, quality policies, and ISO 9001 compliance. “Quality is one of the most critical aspects of our business, and it requires the personal involvement of every person in our organization,” continues Ignacio. “Our intranet portal, based on Google Sites embedding AODocs customized views is a great communication tool to make sure all our employees have an easy access to all the quality-related documents and processes.”


    Paperless workflow with AODocs, integrated with SAP

    After the successful migration of the Lotus QuickPlace document libraries, Euralis identified other business functions that could also leverage the AODocs platform: invoice validation and purchase requests. These two processes involved paper documents and complex validation steps.Euralis decided to implement these two processes in AODocs, to eliminate the paper and make them more reliable, while simplifying the user experience.


    “Our accountants will be able to send invoices to AODocs by email directly from the scanner,” said Ignacio. AODocs will manage the entire validation workflow, with potentially up to 6 validation steps, and send notification emails to the corresponding managers. “The best part is that managers will be able to validate the documents on their smartphone, by reviewing the information included in the AODocs workflow notification emails and clicking the validation links.”


    The invoice validation and purchase request processes will be deployed in production in February 2016.


    AODocs is Recommended for Google Apps for Work and has been reviewed for Security and Integration best practices. For more information on these applications, contact the team here for questions or inquiries.

    About the author: Stéphane Donzé is the founder and CEO of AODocs. Engineer by heart, Stéphane is passionate about creating innovative products and cool technology. Before starting AODocs, Stéphane was the head of product and engineering at Exalead, an enterprise search company acquired by Dassault Systèmes in 2010.