RingCentral enables integrated Cloud-based telephony for Google Apps users

Version 4


    Deliver New Efficiencies to Diverse Organizations

    Many of today’s organizations - from businesses to schools and non-profits - are living the mantra “do more with less.” They are modernizing their systems and using cost effective Google Apps for Work as their office productivity suite. But companies still struggle to completely support their office / remote / mobile workforces with integrated telephony & Cloud PBX solutions that enable their teams to work from anywhere within one standardized interface. And, BYOD / mobility / security issues affect team productivity, agility, and response times to customers – which impacts their effectiveness and the bottom lines.


    Consequently IT professionals, office and operations managers, and cross-functional department heads are searching for easy, flexible communications tools that seamlessly integrate into their Google productivity suite.  Organizations of all types and sizes need to:

    • Securely support BYOD mobility for business communications anytime, anywhere
    • Meet all communications needs with just an internet connection
    • Provide best – in – breed functionality with low maintenance and complexity
    • Create the agility to scale up and down to meet seasonal spikes and to instantly support new offices and team members


    Now, with RingCentral’s cloud communications solutions that come fully integrated into Google Apps for Work, business communications are merged right into the Google office productivity tools your teams use every day. This creates increased efficiencies for both users and IT administrators in organizations of all types and sizes. Workforces have the ability to:

    • Listen to voicemail and click to dial calls right from Gmail
    • Receive calls in Gmail and use Transfer, Flip, Record, and Hold commands.
    • Text, fax, hold meetings and conference calls from a single browser
    • Access archived audio portions of Hangouts
    • Send and receive business texts from within Gmail and Gmail SMS
    • Host up to 1,000 participants to a single Google Hangouts Session
    • Schedule online meetings and calls from within Google Calendar
    • Fax directly from GoogleDocs and GoogleDrive


    With cloud communications solutions integrated into Google for Work, individuals who make and receive a high volume of calls, meetings, texts and faxes can save hours every month. IT solves its challenges supporting “always on” teams that need to keep business processes and communications flowing from any device, anywhere, anytime. And IT also becomes the hero for delivering on the “do more with less” mantra.  It’s a win-win that everyone in the entire organization will applaud.


    What our customers are saying: The employees at Lindamood-Bell began using Google Chromebook™ computers a few years ago as a cost-effective cloud computing solution. In addition, the company migrated other business services to the cloud and chose RingCentral to be their cloud communications solution. With RingCentral for Google, Lindamood-Bell was able to integrate RingCentral Office® with their Google ecosystem and optimize communication. Staff can more easily interact with customers as well as with internal team members. “Having RingCentral integrated with Google is beneficial,” says Justin Watty, Associate Director of Information Technology, “because it gives us more functionality than we have ever had.


    About the author: Mark Scarpelli works in Business Development at RingCentral. He has been with RingCentral over 5 years and leads the team working with Google Apps for Work. He helped build the partner eco-system at RingCentral with a focus on Tier 1 partners with over 1M users.  He is a veteran at sales with over 15 years experience in the field.


    RingCentral’s secure, reliable business - class communications operate seamlessly within Google for Work applications no matter where you are. RingCentral is recommended by Google Apps for Work and has been reviewed for Security and Integration best practices. For more information on these applications, contact the team here for questions or inquiries.