ProsperWorks CRM: Helping Google Apps Customers Sell More and Sell Faster

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    By Jon Lee, CEO and Co-founder of ProsperWorks

    San Francisco-based ProsperWorks CRM is a cloud-based, cross-platform CRM that seamlessly integrates within Gmail, Google Drive and the rest of the Google Apps suite. The user interface was one of the first to adopt Google’s Material Design to create a unified user experience across the web app, mobile apps, and Chrome extension.

    ProsperWorks is helping more than 35,000 businesses to organize sales data, gain intelligence on customer leads, and automate the sales process resulting in over 4 hours saved on data entry per user each week, shorter sales cycles, and a 33% increase in sales. This year, Google named ProsperWorks as one of the first solutions for the new Recommended for Google Apps for Work program. ProsperWorks builds on Google’s mission of improving workforce productivity and offering a unified platform for managing all of your business needs.

    Online education firm Udacity uses ProsperWorks to increase sales velocity.

    Udacity, an education company based in Mountain View, CA, offers online programs and credentials that empower people to advance their careers by gaining key skills that top employers need today. They use ProsperWorks to establish a repeatable sales process and scale quickly. Their sales users work right inside Gmail using the ProsperWorks Chrome extension to manage contacts, leads, opportunities and tasks while the managers view pipeline reports for visibility into deal velocity and critical forecasting insights. Check out the video to learn more!


    Read more about how Udacity uses ProsperWorks.

    Here are some key ways to increase sales velocity with ProsperWorks’ Google Apps integrations:

    • Zero-touch data entry with Gmail integration: ProsperWorks automatically links all related Gmail emails, Google Calendar events and Google Drive files with your ProsperWorks Contacts.
    • Powerful and collaborative data analysis with Google Sheets Add-on: Export any dataset from ProsperWorks directly to Google Sheets to create advanced dashboards, reports, charts and graphs in a collaborative environment.
    • Ease of access with Google single sign-on: Sign in to ProsperWorks easily and securely with your Google credentials.
    • Sell from anywhere with Android: Access ProsperWorks seamlessly across devices and platforms including Android mobile and tablet apps.

    ProsperWorks is Recommended by Google Apps for Work and has been reviewed for Security and Integration best practices. For more information on these applications, contact the team here for questions or install directly from the Google Apps Marketplace