2015 Wrap up, THANK YOU and Happy Holidays!

Version 1

    With Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year in the world of the 'Change Management Blog' and say a BIG thank you to you all for your support.

    This blog has been my first 'proper' attempt at writing and has been a great learning experience. I’ve loved all the comments, questions, stories and advice that have been shared by everyone in this forum. I’ve learnt a lot from your contributions and hope that we can continue to grow this community in 2016.

    I thought I’d do a quick summary of the numbers:

    Here is what you enjoyed the most:

    I’d love to expand the readership of the blog to additional people or teams within your organisations to help spread the word about the importance of change management and tips for increasing adoption, efficiency and collaboration within your organisations. As you probably already know any individual from your organisation can sign up to GWC - so please do share the word and encourage your peers and colleagues to sign up (they don't have to be part of the IT team!)

    Lastly I'd like to take this chance to thank Eric Féron and Luis Vargas for all their support and helping bringing this content to life.

    It has been a fantastic year - thanks again for each of your contributions. I wish everyone a fun and relaxing time over the Christmas break. See you all in 2016 for more interesting and inspiring conversations!