Have I managed to qualify before the 100 License requirement?

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    Dear Apps Reseller Applicants,

    As previously announced, starting August 1st, if you haven’t completed selling and deploying 25 licenses, you will need to sell and deploy 100 licenses in order for your application to be processed.

    In order to understand whether you have managed to qualify before the implementation of the new requirement, check if your application page looks like either of the 2 options below before or on August 1st:

    1. Step 2 - Sell 25 Google Apps licenses is completed

    You qualified 25 licenses before the deadline. Your application will be processed as soon as you submit information for your credit check (step 3).

    1. Step 3 - Pass a business credit check is completed

    Once you hit ‘Submit’ on step 3 of the application, we are notified that you completed all your steps on your application. A member of the Partner Program Support Team will initiate your authorization process and be in contact with you via email in the next few days.

    Please be aware that the processing of your authorization into the Partner Program may begin and continue after August 1st.


    Partner Program Support Team

    Hi, I need some help here, I have three main questions, first:


    I have a charter school with webmail issues and about to renew their office licenses (a perfect fit for gapps for education), they need 500 seats plus admin addresses, can I do it?, I'm in the process of reaching the 100 licences to be moved up, that's why I ask.

    My second question is, I have a customer with around 17 accounts, and they are being managed by another company overseas, but they want to have a local company in charge (us), if they give me the support pin the accounts will belong to us immediately or after we reach the 100 licenses? or are this kind of cases valid for the 100 licences?


    And my third question is, what about non profits?, I have two nonprofits that want me to support them do they count?.



    Jessica Minghinelli, can you help me with this?

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