Cloud Partner Online Applicant FAQ

Version 6

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    Where can I review the benefits and requirements of the Cloud program?

    Google Cloud Platform is a product specialization within a broader Google Cloud partner program. Cloud Platform partners can pursue a Services or a Technology track. You can refer to the Google Cloud partner program overview for Cloud Platform applicants for details on the program.


    What are the different stages in the program application process?

    There are three major steps in the Program application process:


    Applicant Step

    Action Required from Applicant

    Next steps from Google


    Submit an application form

    Google will acknowledge your application and provide you with next steps instructions by email.

    For Services partner: how to obtain customer references

    For Technology partner: how to submit product for review


    Services track: obtain 3 customer references

    Technology track:  submit product for review and receive approval from Google

    Google will receive and review the qualification requirements and if approved, send the applicant the program agreement for signature

    Accept Agreement

    Accept program terms online

    Convert applicant into a partner, provide applicant with access to GWC and send welcome letter!


    What happens if my partner application is not approved?

    If  are not qualified to be a partner, you will receive an email letting them know that your application has been rejected.  The email should offer up another chance to resubmit projects (Services)  or updated product integrations (Technology) when ready.


    How long does it take for an application to be approved or rejected?

    How long it takes to become qualified depends on the application type.  Services applicants have to submit 3 projects with a  good reputation score that must be verified by the end customer; timing really depends on how fast customers respond to the request for acknowledgement. Technology partners submit proof of product integration and need to be approved by Google; this could be as fast as 48 hours upon submission but it can take up to a few weeks.


    I seem to have issues with the application and can’t submit it. What can I do to fix the problem?

    Please submit a support request via the Google Cloud Applicant & Member Support.


    I have accepted the agreement and become a GCP partner but I do not seem to have access to GWC. What can I do?

    You can visit this page to verify your access or to request access if necessary.


    I am an applicant and I submitted the wrong company name on my application, can I change it?

    Yes, this is possible, but you will have to contact support via the Google Cloud Applicant & Member Support.


    I am a Services applicant and I seem to be stuck in the qualification stage.  My customers are not able to acknowledge the project through the link I sent them (included in the email template provided by Google).

    The customer must own the project or have edit rights. If you are not able to send the link to other customers, please contact support via the Google Cloud Applicant & Member Support.


    I am an applicant and I got an error message and was unable to submit my application.  Do I need to fill out the entire application again or is there a way to restore my previous entry?

    Yes, you must fill out the entire application again, and re-submit.


    I am a Services applicant and I have received 3 customer acknowledgements; however, I still have not been approved and sent any click-to-accept terms, why is that?

    In addition to simply receiving the 3 customer acknowledgements, Google ensures that the projects are in good standing. For example, projects used or created with malicious intent are not eligible to be part of an acknowledgement. In addition, projects must have gone through a couple of billing cycles for Google to conclude that they are genuine. This review process can take a few weeks.


    I just submitted my application to become a Technology partner. How do I become qualified?

    Technology partners need to submit a video showing how their product integrates with the Google Cloud Platform. The GCP team personally reviews every video and either approves or rejects applications based on information provided. Please ensure that you follow the instructions given to you as a technology track applicant.


    Upon submitting your application, you must have received the following instructions:


    Your next step is to qualify as a technology participant in the program. To do so, please go to this link, where you must describe the nature of your integration (your product running on Google Cloud Platform services or integrated to our APIs) and must submit a video link showing a screen capture of this product integration working (e.g., your administrative management interface).


    I am a Technology partner and have submitted my product for review but have not heard back yet. How can I follow up?

    Consider that the review process can be as fast as 48 hours but can take up to 8 weeks given the volume of applicants and the complexity of the product. If more than this time has elapsed and you have not received an approved or rejected notification, please contact support via the Google Cloud Applicant & Member Support.


    I am a Technology applicant and I am having trouble submitting my video.

    Please try submitting your video through this link


    I realized I submitted my application with incorrect email address, can I have it changed?

    Yes, please contact support via the Google Cloud Applicant & Member Support.


    How do I become a Google Cloud Platform Reseller?

    The Google Cloud partner program offers a Reselling Option for selected Google Cloud Platform partners. Resellers of Cloud Platform must first be admitted into the program as Cloud Services partners. We encourage you to apply to the program as a Services partner and learn more about reselling options once you join in the partner restricted area of Google Cloud Connect.